Wednesday, August 28, 2013

1st day of school!

 We have started a new year of school!  Gavin is in 1st grade at Highland Elementary and Kyson is in Preschool at Animal Crackers Preschool with Jennifer Frampton.  Gavin is up and on the bus by 7:10, so we have early mornings around here!  He loves lunch and has 3 recesses!  I don't hear much more about school, other than he likes it.

 Kyson's 1st day is today, and he has been so excited to go.  He has been counting down the days since beginning of August.  He'll show me his little fingers and say, "This many days mom?" and then the next day he'll have one less finger showing and say "This many days mom?" 

It is fun having only 1 child at home for a little bit.  Adalyn misses her brothers, but loves all the attention she gets.  She gets mom alone and dad alone for a little bit before Kyson gets home.  As we were leaving Kyson's school, she turns around, waves and in her sweet little voice says "Bye bye Ky Ky"


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