Saturday, February 01, 2014

My better half

 I just have to state publicly how much I am grateful for Casey.  He has been a rock through this whole ordeal.  I love how every big doctor's appointment, he takes off work and comes with me (that is how we go on dates now).  He has been so great to take care of the other kids when I'm taking care of Liam, or take Liam when I need sleep.  He has been very positive about Liam's future and it is exciting talking to him about what our future with Liam will be like.  He's back to work early mornings, and doesn't complain when I want to go to the United Angels support meetings or go out with girlfriends and he needs to sleep, but lets me go while he takes care of the kids.  I'm so glad I get to spend forever with this guy!

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Camille Spence said...

He is a keeper! I like that guy too. He is a wonderful brother in law and uncle to our little family.