Monday, March 24, 2014


 Liam has two different therapists that visit our home.  One is Michelle and is a Developmental Specialist.  She is going to help Liam meet each of his milestones.  Right now we are working on strengthening his neck so he can hold his own head up so we do tummy on a boppy to help with that.  We also are working on getting him to move his hands in front of him so he can see them and to get his hands to his mouth so we have these little rice pillows we put under his arms to get his hands together.  Never thought I would be encouraging my child to get his hands in his mouth!

His other therapist is Sandra and she is Liam's vision therapist.  We have a lot of black and white pictures and books that he loves to look at.  We are working on tracking and I'll move a picture or book in front of him and try to get him to follow it.  He has been doing really really good at that!
following the picture....

 still following it...
 Did it!
 He loves this page in this book!
 Tummy time!

 I'm so grateful we have so many wonderful people who will help us with this journey with our little man!

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Audrey Spence said...

Thank goodness for so many amazing resources to help! I bet he is just loving being able to see now! So exciting! I hope things keep going well and he progresses the way he needs to. What a cutie! :)