Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Almost everyday Gavin and Kyson get some time to sit with Liam and help him with his therapy.  I love that they love it.  Everyone keeps telling me how great it is for the siblings to have a brother with special needs and I have already started to see their special bond with Liam.  

Here is Kyson with Liam.  He usually always picks the corner chair to work with him, but today he chose this toy to work with Liam sitting up.

Here is Gavin helping him learn cause and effect..."If I push something, it makes a sound!"
 Addy can be helpful trying out Liam's new toys!  She loves to come and help when the therapists are here and it's sweet how much the therapists love her.  Liam's vision therapists always brings something for Addy to play with or something she can do with Liam.

I love this little crew of mine!

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