Saturday, December 27, 2014

Losee Family 2014 year end update

Another year has come and is almost gone.  I feel like this year has been such a blur!  Here is a little bit about what my kids have been up to!


Liam has been working hard on sitting up.  He started sitting up around 9 months, but it has taken him about 3 months to feel confident and strong enough to sit independently for a long period of time.  He now is doing great!  He is seeing 4 different therapists now, developmental specialist to help with his congnitive  development, vision therapist, physical therapist and now an occupational therapist.  The OT is helping us with his fine motor skills like eating finger foods and using a spoon.  He has been doing really good with holding crackers and eating those and trying to grab the spoon and put it in his mouth when eating.  I'm so grateful for all the support we are getting to help our little Liam!

Oh, Adalyn, Adalyn...she is quite the funny girl!  Adalyn is almost 3!  She has a strong personality and we love it!  She has an obsession for Cinderella and has a million Cinderella dolls and she loves them all!  Adalyn loves books, especially ones that have Cinderella and other princesses.  She is a Curious George fan and could watch him all day!  She loves her brothers, but Kyson is her favorite.  I'm so glad I have my little girl to do all the fun girl things with!

Kyson LOVES LOVES LOVES his baby brother.   He is always in Liam's face talking to him.  He always wants to hold him too.  If you can't find Kyson, just find where Liam is, and Kyson is sure to be there!  Kyson is 5 and started Kindergarten.  He is learning and having fun.  He is a little chatty one though!  He loves going to soccer and scored a couple of goals this season!  Life is always exciting with Kyson around!

Gavin Jay is my sweet oldest.  He is such a responsible good boy.  His teacher says he is the most well behaved, hardworking boy.  Gavin has had some struggles academically and so he has been getting some extra help in resource as well as tutoring.  I really have seen some improvements and he seems to be getting more and more confident.  He has found a love for swimming and is doing soccer as well.  He is also learning piano and has been doing a great job there!  I'm so grateful to have this sweet boy as our oldest and great example for his siblings!

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Camille Spence said...

I got all emotional reading this. I love those kids so much. Such beautiful pictures and such wonderful recaps of all of them. I got particularly teary eyed with Gavin. He was just a little older than Liam when I first met him, and now he is on his way to becoming a young man. I love your babies and I'm so grateful to have them in my family!