Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Enjoying the outdoors

Today Gavin was able to enjoy the outdoors for the first time. I layed him out on the grass in the shade and he took a nice little nap. It was nice to get out and pull poor yard has been so neglected! Now that the weather is getting better, hopefully we'll be able to spend more time out there!


Skipper said...

Good grief girl! You're already out pulling weeds??? That's amazing, and probably SO nice for you. It's week 12 of post partum for me and I'm still struggling with walking up stairs! Gavin looks like he had a lot of fun...and his jaundice looks like it's clearing up quickly.

McKenna Gordon said...

Seriously, you are super-mom. THAT'S what I need to do is get out of the house! Tomorrow we're hitching up the stroller and going for a walk. Our lawn was laid today so maybe in a week or so we can sit out on it too! He's so sweet and looks just like his Daddy. Congrats again!