Saturday, April 21, 2007

Tanning Baby

Gavin was a little jaudice when we left the hospital, so we had to go back today to get him tested. He still was jaundice, so we had a bed delivered that had neon lights that he had to sit under. It looks like a baby tanning bed. He didn't mind it too bad, but we thought he looked so cute with the little goggles on. We couldn't stop laughing!


Skipper said...

Oh, bless his little heart! Spencer was jaundicey too. It's nice that you guys have the bili bed to help out! I hope he's better soon.

McKenna Gordon said...

AH! Gavin's bili-mask looks so much more comfy than Carter's was! His was a net that you stretch over his head and then you shove two cotton pads over his eyes, but under the net. It looked like both his eyes popped out so we were covering the holes. Aren't we so glad there's no more bili-lights!!