Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

We had a fun 4th of July! We had a busy day, but it was very enjoyable!

The Balloon Launch:
We went to the annual Balloon Launch down in Provo. It started very early! We got down there at 6:30 just as they were blowing up the hot air balloons. It was fun walking around and seeing them all lift into the air.

We sat around an had breakfast as we waited for the competition to start. Casey had a late night watching "Trasfomers" (which he said was good), so he and Gavin took a little nap as they waited. The Competition: The balloons try to make it back to the field and they throw bean bags down on a large "X". They earn points by getting the closest to the center of the "X". They also earn points by popping helium balloons that they have around the field. Some years it isn't fun to watch because the wind just blows the hot air balloons away, and they have a hard time making it back to the field. This year it was really fun because quite a few balloons made it back to the field!

Swimming at the Pool!

We went swimming at the American Fork Pool. It was a good day to go! It was hot, and the pool was nice and cool!
Gavin actually loved the water today! He didn't mind that the water was colder then his bath water!

Relaxing with Grandma.
The AF Pool is really fun, especially for kids. They have a fun water play area, a lazy river, a large slide, and then the regular pool. I loved it because since they have the regular pool, and the kid pool, the kid pool wasn't too crowded, that you felt like you were getting splashed all the time. I could walk around with Gavin, or sit in the water with Gavin, and we didn't feel overpowered by other kids.
Damon loved going down the slide over and over again.
Gavin enjoyed being held by his mom. He even took a little nap!

Braxton just came out the slide. He loved following Damon up the stairs and then following him down the slide.
I love this picture of Braxton. He is trying to suck in his tummy. Earlier he looked down at his tummy and saw that it was sticking out, and so he tried sucking it in. What a funny kid.
Kylie loved the water as well! She is getting to be such a big girl!

Time to go home! Gavin had a fun day, but it is time to go home and sleep!

PG Fireworks!

Every year we have a BBQ at Floyd and Barbara's with all of Casey's family and then we head over to the High School EARLY so we can have good seats and wait for the fireworks to start. As we were waiting, Casey got attacked by all the little neices, nephews and cousins and they tried to tickle him, give him a wet willy, and basically just give him a hard time.

Gavin enjoyed being held by his cousin Alivia...and of course by his dad.

He actually was really good while the fireworks were going. The big booms didn't bother him at all!

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