Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bear Lake Trip

We had such a fun weekend up at Bear Lake! My whole family went up, plus my dad's cousin Sandee and her husband Rudy, another one of his cousins, Maryann, and another cousin's wife, Linda. It was a lot of fun. We shared a condo with Autumn and Doug, and Casey and I were lucky to get the Master Bedroom, with a jetted tub! That was fun to relax in! We had a lot of fun swimming, boating and eating!

Braxton picking his nose
Giving mom kisses
Taking Braxton out on the tube.
I was so scared the whole time! Rudy was nice and went slow!

While I was out on the tube, Braxton drove the boat.
After an exhausting day on the boat, all the kids took a little nap:

The family
Casey and I with Sandee and Rudy

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