Sunday, January 13, 2008

Our Family Vacation to Mazatlan, Mexico

We just got back from our relaxing vacation in Mazatlan. For my graduation present, my parents gave us a free week to stay in one of their condos. Doug graduated too, so we decided to take our trip together with Autumn and Doug. I went to Mexico a few years ago, and loved it, so we decided to go there.

We stayed at a really neat resort. Everything we needed was right at the resort, so once we got there, we didn't have to leave. We had a few restaurants to eat from, a little grocery store, pools, private beach, it was so nice!

Every morning we would sleep in (as much as Gavin and Braxton let us), put on our swim suits and head to the beach. Gavin would usually fall asleep in my arms, and I would just lay out and hold him. Casey spent a lot of time out body surfing, I even made it out there too! After spending time at the beach, we would go lay at the pool and swim a little bit. After that, we would get ready, and take naps, read or watch movies. In the evening we would go eat, and then come back and play games. It was a wonderful vacation, but it felt really good to be back sleeping in my own bed!

Casey and Doug body surfing....they look a little cold.
Don't you love their matching necklaces?
My boys

Smith family
Sitting next to the pool having lunch.
Pictures at sunset

Going home

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