Friday, June 13, 2008

Day at Lagoon!

Yesterday we spent the day at Lagoon with my family. This week was teacher appreciation week there, and since everyone in my family is either a teacher, or is married to a teacher, we thought we'd take advantage of the discounted price and have fun as a family. I didn't know how Gavin would be, especially since all of my nephew's and niece had a hard time riding the rides the first time they went. He did pretty good on the first ride...but I think that scared him too much, he didn't want to go on any other rides unless he was with me. So he had fun on the Merry Go Round, Puff and the train. He mostly just sat in the stroller though, and he was fine with that. Thanks to my parents, Casey and I were able to go off and do the big rides on our own, so we had a lot of fun trying all the different roller coasters. My favorite is probably Collosis, but Wicked was a lot of fun too.

This was a video of Gavin's first ride...sorry if you get sick watching it.

This is probably Gavin's favorite part, standing in line hanging on the bars. Gavin didn't really like the bumper cars...
Casey and I are just about to get on the Jet StarGavin loved the Merry Go Round....
...and the train

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Kat and Steve said...

Ha! I haven't been to Lagoon since we went for graduation. Sad, huh? Makes me want to go back. Although Savanna isn't very brave, I dont' think she'd like it much more than Gavin did. Cute pictures.