Saturday, August 23, 2008

Gavin's new toy

My mom picked up this toy for Gavin and he has been loving it! He will spend hours out on it...which makes life a little easier for us! He goes down the slide on his own and thinks he is such a big boy when he does it.

School is back in...and I survived the first week! The first week is always the hardest. I have been busy with meetings, Open House, Back to School Night and testing...whew! Now that all that is over, hopefully everything will slow down a little and I can relax. I am doing part time again, and Casey is home with Gavin for the few hours I am at work.. Gavin has been loving his Dad time. I love all the little stories Casey tells me when I get home of the funny things Gavin does.


Shand and Bry said...

Brynn and Casey... Hi! I love your blog. Autumn gave me the address awhile back so I thought I'd say hi. I finally started a blog too! We'll have to keep in touch!

Kat and Steve said...

That's cute, and just his size. Perfect. Glad you survived the first week of school. My stomach always turns a little when I think of the first week as a student, and I'm sure it's no different for teachers!

McKenna Gordon said...

What a fun toy!

Are you at the same school as last year?

Autumn and Doug Smith said...

He looks so cute on it. Last night was fun! Thanks for letting us have the barbacue at your house.