Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Crazy Kyson

Kyson seemed to be a quiet little boy, but he has really shown his true colors lately! He is going to be our little comedian. He does funny things everyday that make me laugh. This is what he did today...

This is where I found him hiding:

He is also talking more and more. On my birthday we were eating cake, and he would walk around to everyone and say "Pees" so he could get a bite of their cake. The first 2 videos show him saying please. I thought it was so cute I had to post it. The last video is just a little glimps of what he is like.


Camille Spence said...

he really has started to come out of his shell...he's gonna be the quiet, mischievous one, that get's gav in trouble all the time, and it's gonna be hilarious to watch.

Kirsten said...

Cute. Atticus loves playing hide and seek too. Even if I don't know we're playing.

Diana said...

It was so fun to come over here and catch up with you! ;) Your new home is gorgeous! Your boys are so big and incredibly handsome. :D Tell Gavin Landon says Hi! ;)