Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Over the last few weeks I have been seeing Gavin learn so much! I try to catch it on video or camera so I remember these things. So, this post is mainly for me.

This first one is just funny. He saw Casey lifting weights, and so one day on his own he sat down to lift weights too...he's so funny.
One morning they went a little book crazy and pulled out most of their books. But they did sit and read for a while.
The following videos are:
1. Gavin saying the letter and sounds A-D. We try to do a letter a week. I am so impressed how good he is learning them! We do a little sign with each sound to help him learn the sounds, so that is why you see him do little signs.
2. I threw this in, because Kyson has been learning his different body parts.
3. Here is a video of Gavin "reading". You can't understand him very well because I couldn't get too close or else he would get mad at me, but he is saying what is happening in each picture.
4. Gavin and Kyson always see me give my piano and violin students candy if they practice. They always beg for candy too, and I say "when you practice." So, one day Gavin hurry and got his violin out and "practiced" and then said "I want my candy!" Here is a video of what he knows. He can do the E and A string. When he's done you can kind of hear him ask for candy.

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