Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our Halloween Week

We had so much fun celebrating Halloween all week long! Gavin and Kyson were as cute as can be! I had a ninja costume for Gavin this year, but he insisted on being a frog again. He looks so cute in it, I couldn't say no. Kyson was a cute little pumpkin.

We started off the week going to the Fall Carnival at my school. They got to ride the swings, fish for candy, hocky and more.

We took a break from Halloween and enjoyed a little Christmas weather! We had so much snow! Kyson just liked to eat it. Gavin liked to throw a snowballs and make snow angels. Snow was all gone that afternoon, but it was a fun little change. I can't wait for more!

We tried a new thing this year that was SO MUCH fun! There is a home in Lindon that has a huge train track set up all over their property. They turned it into a "Haunted Train" and Gavin loved every minute of it. Kyson on the other hand kept saying "All done". Maybe next year he'll like it more.

I love Halloween because it is fun to see my kids enjoy it, not because we have to dress up! I hate dressing up, but I have to do it for school. I dressed up in Casey's soccer clothes and it was a hit! Here is my other half, Ruth Bourne.
Cute Kyson "Hand over the candy, or someone might get hurt!"
Carving pumpkins

Trick-or-treating! I was so excited to take these boys out trick-or-treating! They loved it. We went and visited a few family and friends first, and Gavin started getting the hang of things, and kept saying "Lets go do more trick-or-treat!" We also went around our neighborhood and came home with quite a stash!
They also had fun giving out the candy
Happy Halloween! Can't wait for next year!


Kristine said...

Fun! Your boys are so cute! We went on the train ride this year too - loved it!

Unknown said...

I love the frog costume! I haven't hear about the train but it sure looks fun, and perfect for your boys.

Kat and Steve said...

Halloween is the greatest when you have little kids around. They look sooooo cute!