Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dad's big helpers

Casey has been working on a few projects lately and he is sure to have his little midgets by his side. Here is Gavin helping him fix the car. He sat there and mostly complained about how cold he was, but he wasn't going to leave Dad's side.Casey was putting in a storm door and of course there were a lot of tools out. Kyson got his tools and was right along side him helping him.
We had to make sure puppy was protected and wasn't going to get hurt, so puppy had to wear a hard hat.
Gavin couldn't be tricked by the toy tools, he had to use the real tools. He would go around with a screwdriver and tried unscrewing any screw he could see. We've had to go around and fix a few loose screws.

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Kristine said...

That is so sweet! What cute boys you have. That's awesome they are learning too. Even though they aren't big enough, they will be ready when they are!