Monday, March 05, 2012

Happy Birthday Kyson!

Our little Kyson just turned 3 years old! This picture explains Kyson perfectly...
He is our little comedian. He makes us laugh all day long! On his birthday he was telling everyone else Happy Birthday. We are so lucky to have this little boy in our life!

For his birthday he got two of the most annoying presents...but its my fault for picking them out!
His first present was a drumset. In nursery when they sing songs with little instruments, he always picks the drum and nothing else, so I knew he'd love this little thing!
He is really into guns and shooting right now, so he got a lazer gun set and he and Gavin have had so much fun chasing each other around and shooting each other!
We had a fun little party in the evening with our family. Camille got to join Kyson and be 3 again and have a "Shooting Party". Poor Camille will never have to grow up since she has to share her birthday with Kyson.

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Camille Spence said...

That last sentence should actually read "LUCKY Camille will never have to grow up because she GETS to share her birthday with Kyson."

Uh, hello, I never have to bake my own birthday cake, I always have a fun (albeit boyish) themed party, and I am guaranteed an evening with my family. I seriously have zero qualms with that!

I think when Ky turns 18, we should make a collage with he and I every year on our birthdays so we can see how we have changed. (I may feel differently about his when I am comparing my 20 year old self to my y38 year old self though :D)