Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Gavin!

Gavin is now 5 years old!  He had a fun birthday party with his friends and another one with his family.  We went "Construction" themed and he loved it!

My cute Birthday Boy!  He is just like his dad and is a little engineer.  Lately he has really been into electronics and likes to find any cords he can and hook them up in the computers or the tv's (hmm, I wonder who he sounds like?  Casey?) He has an old laptop that has a broken screen, so it doesn't work, but he doesn't care and carries that thing around everywhere plugging it in to whatever he can find.  So, we thought we'd get him his own little laptop.  He was so excited to finally get one of his own that works!  He also got a little camera, and I'll have to upload some of his funny pictures he has taken with that!

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