Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Birthday Gavin!

  I can't believe my Gavin is 6!  That seems so old! We had a great day celebrating Gavin!  After school, we headed to one of his favorite places, the Dinosaur Museum, and then after that came home to his favorite dinner, Lasagna, and then family came over for cake and ice cream.

Some things about Gavin is:
-He is a VERY good boy at school and church.  He was just awarded Student of the Month for "being quiet" as he says.  His teacher said it was for good citizenship.  I guess being a good citizen is the same as being quiet.
-He is doing good in school.  He is reading on level and is a hard worker!
-He LOVES LOVES LOVES his hamsters.  First thing he asks me when he gets up in the morning is if he can hold a hamster, then any spare minute he has, he usually has a hamster in his hand.  He even prays for the hamsters in every prayer.
-He's a little builder.  He can spend hours out in the sandbox building something.
-He is a good brother and plays really good with his brother and sister.

It is suppose to be a Skylander portal...doesn't look as good a the pictures online, but oh well!

One of his presents was a kit where he can paint and glue together a train, plane and fire truck.  He wanted to get working on it so bad that he kept asking when is everyone going to leave his party! Finally the next morning he could work on it.  Adalyn has really been into coloring lately, so this is what she did while he worked on that....such a big girl!

Happy Birthday Gavin!  We are so happy you are in our life!

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