Wednesday, April 24, 2013


 I put Gavin and Kyson on the same T-ball team this year.  This is both of their first time playing, so it was a pretty funny game to watch them! Kyson hit the ball, and then immediately ran to get his ball.  He then ran from 1st to 3rd base, and a few times, just stood on his base and waved and smiled at me and didn't run when it was time.  Then, when it was his turn to be out field, he was playing 3rd base, and when the other team hit the ball, he started to run home.  He started to catch on by the time we got to the end.  Gavin did great and looked like a mini baseball player.  He'd rest his hands on his knees while he waited for the other team to hit the ball.  They had a blast!

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