Saturday, April 26, 2014

Gavin, the Birthday Boy!

 My sweet Gavin turned 7!  He had a fun couple of days celebrating.  We celebrated the day of his Birthday getting ice cream and then the next day it was party after party!  He had a friend party with the bounce house, cotton candy and snow cones, and then right after, the family came over and we had cake and ice cream and kept on partying!

Gavin is such a good boy.  He is a good brother who is always wanting to play with his siblings.  He is a big helper around the house.  Whenever I tell him to clean up, he does a great job cleaning up toys and putting things away.  He has been Casey and my little helper working in the yard. He loves to work in the yard with us.  He has been working hard this school year.  Learning to read hasn't been easy for him, but he is really working hard and has been making a lot of progress.  He loves to play soccer and is learning the piano.


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