Saturday, May 30, 2015

Walk with Angels!

 We had our annual Walk with Angels today!  We look foreword to this day!  It is so fun to get everyone together to celebrate our little Angel.  We appreciate all those who came to support us.  It means so much!  Floyd helped us make the shirts and they say "Our little professor, teaching us every day!"  Our little Liam has taught us so much!  He has taught us about hard work.  He works so hard to accomplish things that comes naturally to many of us but he is getting so strong every day!  He has taught us about unconditional love.  He lights up any room he's in and gives the best hugs and snuggles.  And he's taught us about happiness.  He is such a happy little guy and having him in our life has brought us so much happiness. 

We are so grateful to the United Angels Foundation who made this day possible.  They have been such a blessing in our life!  Through them I have found some of my best friends who completely understand what I'm going through and help me.  They provide activities for my whole family so we can create family memories together. 

It was such a beautiful day!

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