Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Aaron and Malia's Wedding

Today my cousin Aaron got married to Malia in the Bountiful Temple. We had a tough decision to make today. We could either see Logan off at the airport or see Aaron's wedding. My sister's and I decided to go to Aaron's wedding and say our goodbye's to Logan the night before, and then my parents went to go see Logan off. Aaron has always been really close to each of us, and we didn't want to miss this wonderful occasion for him. He has always joked with us that he was going to marry some black or vietnamese, non-LDS girl, but he suprised us all and married a wonderful girl in the temple. We knew he was all talk! It was a beautiful wedding, and a beautiful day. We had a wonderful luncheon at the Canterberry House in Bountiful, and then their reception was out in Tooele. Congrats Aaron and Malia!

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