Sunday, June 04, 2006

Babysitting and the Hidden Garden Tour

We had a busy weekend! On Friday night we watched James and Charity's kids, Andee (18 Months) and Nicholas (6 months). We had to go to Jordan Lynch's wedding reception, so we took the kids with us and many people were suprised when they found us with two kids already! We had to tell a lot of people we were babysitting. We had fun playing in the yard and going for a little walk. They both love going on walks.

On Saturday, I went on a Hidden Garden Tour with my parents. My parents are a part of a Garden Club and they put on this tour every year. We saw some of the neatest backyards, and it was fun to get some ideas. Casey hates it when I go to these because then I come home with all these ideas, and that generally means that he has to get out there in the yard and take up some grass, which isn't fun and a lot of work! There was one really neat backyard that made you feel like you were in the mountains. And it is just a few minutes away from University Avenue...that really is a hidden garden!

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