Sunday, June 25, 2006


We did a lot of swimming this weekend. On Friday it was our second attempt to go swimming and the pool. We went last Monday and it was freezing! It was overcast and the hot tub and slides were both closed, so it wasn't much fun. On Friday it was much more fun. It was really hot outside, so it felt really nice to sit inthe pool to cool off. I went with Autumn and Braxton, Logand and Charity and Andee. The babies both had a lot of fun, and I left with a little bit of a sunburn, but it will eventually turn into a tan, which is needed!

On Saturday, we all went out to lunch to Tucanos, because Logan leaves on Tuesday to Brazil, so we wanted to get some good Brazillian food in before he left. After we ate, we relaxed in my parents backyard and got out the little kid pool. It was fun to see Damon and Braxton play in it.

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