Saturday, June 16, 2007

2 months!

Gavin is 2 months old tomorrow! It really goes by fast. This was an exciting month! He started smiling and cooing adn sleeping through the night! We just went in to the Doctor's and he weighs 10 lbs even and is 22 inches long. Just a tiny little guy! He had to get his shots, which was sad for me to hear! I have never heard his hurt cry before, and it was sad! He has been tired because of his shots, but hasn't been cranky, so that is nice.

I had to go to visit the Doctor as well. As he was checking my ear, he said, "There is something in your ear." I said that I thought I had an ear infection, and he said, "No, there is SOMETHING in your ear!" Come to find out, it is the back of my earring, INSIDE my ear! Don't ask me how it got there! He tried to flush it out and get it out with tweesers, and that hurt really bad! It got wedged in closer to my ear drum, so he didn't want to mess with it anymore and referred me to an Ears, Nose and Throat Doctor. I see him in a week and a half, so hopefully all goes well, and he doesn't make it painful!

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McKenna Gordon said...

Aw, what a sweet little guy. He was so fun to hold last night! It was great to get the 3 babies together. Those three could really make some TROUBLE one day :D