Monday, June 18, 2007

Feeding the Homeless...

On Saturday we had a BBQ at our house. As we were all out back talking, we heard meowing. We went and checked where we heard the meowing and and just on the other side of our fence, there was a little nest and 3 little kittens were laying there. As the night went on, the kittens started venturing out to join the party. We kept trying to put them back and hiding the holes under the fence that they were sneaking through, but they always seemed to find another hole. That evening, two kitties decided to spend the night under our barbecuer. We couldn't find the mom, or the 3rd kitty. All Sunday the two kittens stayed on our back porch. We tried to feed them, but they didn't seem interested in what we could give them. After visiting family, we came home, and they were gone. Hopefully the mom cat found them and took care of them. This morning (Monday), I was out watering my plants, and the two kittens came wandering out from their nest. I tried feeding them bread soaked in milk, and they seemed to like that. Bear and Belle think that the kittens are pretty neat. They like to watch them and follow them around. I think the kittens will soon think that Bear is their mom, the way they are starting to get attatched to him!

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