Saturday, November 03, 2007

Are we crazy??

Well, I think we are crazy. We are now owners to 3 dogs. We were trying to sell the puppy, but nothing has worked out, so I guess she is destined to stay with us. We did sell her a couple of weeks ago, but since she wasn't ready to go yet, I asked for a $100 deposit, to make sure the people were really serious. When she was ready to go, I called them and they said they had changed their mind. I was pretty sad, because we had turned a few people down, telling them she was already sold. Well, I posted the ad again, and no calls. I lowerd the price, and again no calls. She is pretty funny, and we have become quite attatched to her, so I think she is staying. Unless any of you know of anyone who is interested! We named her Emma, because Darin always called Belle Emma, and so we always thought it was a pretty cute name.

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McKenna Gordon said...

As owner of one dog, I can wholeheartedly say... YES, YOU GUYS ARE ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!...

Hey we miss you guys. Let's play soon, K?