Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a great Thanksgiving! We started our Thanksgiving by having our own Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday. I think the best part of making a Thanksgiving turkey is the leftovers! We'll be having those for weeks!

On Thursday, we had our next Thanksgiving dinner at Casey's Aunt's house. It was nice to be around family. Gavin had fun playing with the other little babies that were there.

On Friday, we had our third Thanksgiving dinner at my parent's house, and tonight (Sunday) we are having our last Thanksgiving dinner at Autumn and Doug's.

I think this is my favorite holiday of the year, because you don't have to buy gifts for anyone, you are with family, and you have lots of food! I am grateful for many things. I am thankful fora wonderful, supportive husband who makes me laugh, a darling little boy who makes me so happy, a great family, a nice warm home, great jobs to support us, and most of all, my Savior.

Helping Papa Bill carve the turkey

We love our Grandma Deana
Playing toys with Braxton
Enjoying my Thanksgiving dinner

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