Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween!

We had a very fun Halloween. Gavin loved getting dressed up in his little pumpkin costume! I don't know if I had as much fun dressing up as he did! I dressed up as a witch for work. It was a fun day at school, because we had our Halloween Party, and my room mom's took care of that, so I had an enjoyable day play games, eating and having fun! Later we took Gavin out trick-or-treating at Floyd and Barbara's, Grandma and Grandpa Jackson and my parent's. They all thought he was so cute!

Gavin and Braxton dressed up. Cute little Froggy and Pumpkin!

This is what Gavin would look like with hair! Belle was really scared of him and kept barking at him, so I had to take it off!
Do you like the nose? I am really glad I don't have a long crooked nose! I don't think it is very flattering!
Marie (the teacher I share teach with) as Dorthy and me as the Wicked Witch.

My CUTE class.
Sad pumpkin
Oh, now I am happy!


ashley said...

That makes me miss my class! It looks like you had a blast on Halloween! Gavin looks adorable. :)

Chair Losee said...

So cute Brynn. He was such a little handsome pumpkin. Glad I was able to see him.

Skipper said...

That's a cute costume! (Yours AND Gavin's of course.)

Autumn and Doug Smith said...

Brynn, I love the orange hair wig. That is so cute. Hopefully he will get some blonde hair like that.