Wednesday, November 05, 2008


We had a nice surprise waking up to find lots of snow on the ground. Gavin loved looking out the window and watch the snow fall. I bundled him up and took him out for a few minutes, but he didn't really like the cold. I don't think it helped that Casey was throwing snowballs at him! He looked so cute walking around all bundled up.


Kat and Steve said...

Don't worry Gavin. I don't like the cold either! I'd rather look at the snow than play in it!

Autumn and Doug Smith said...

It will be fun when Braxton and him play in the snow this winter. He looks so cute all bundled up.

FishinFamily said...

This is the first snow my kids ever enjoyed. Prior to this they've never liked it. I bet he will like it once he can throw snowballs back. :) He is SO cute!