Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gavin's is 2...almost 3! (But really, he is 3)

Gavin still thinks he is "2 almost 3!", but we still celebrated his 3rd birthday. He had a great day! He was so excited to get his "Big dump truck!" and had fun playing, seeing the ducks at a duck pond, and spend time with his family as we celebrated his birthday. We love our little Gavin, and life would sure be boring without him!
He loves playing with his 2 big trucks
Kyson loves riding in it
Emma doesn't really...but she is a good sport

Coloring with his markers. He is going to be our little artist.
LOVED the duck pond!

My sad attempt at a Thomas the Train cake
He was so funny when we started singing happy birthday. He was singing right along with us, and then when we said "Gavin", he covered his face and got so embarrassed!

We love you Gavin!!


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to Gavin! I'm so impressed with your cakes.

mostly Stacy said...

cute post! they thomas cake is very obviously thomas. go you for trying something so complicated! Soph is here on my lap saying "Sam, Sam" and pointing to Gavin :)

Kirsten said...

So cute! And I love the cake too. Gavin looks so grown up in these pictures.

Audrey Spence said...

Oh my goodness Gavin is 3! I swear he was just a baby. That's crazy! And I can't believe Kyson is walking! I hope Charlotte gets there soon. They are all getting too big!