Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We LOVE Thanksgiving Point

One of our favorite places to visit is Thanksgiving Point. They have so many neat things to see and fun things to do. We visited the Gardens over the weekend because Tulip Festival is going on. It was so beautiful seeing the many tulips in bloom. Yesterday we visited the Farm Country and Gavin and Kyson had so much fun seeing all the animals. I was very surprised that they both enjoyed riding the horses. Gavin did not like riding horses when he was Kyson's age, but he had a blast! Kyson was so tired, and I thought he'd have a fit when I put him on the horse, but he also thought it was so much fun!


Aubrie said...

Love the Tulip Festival there! I can't believe how big your boys look!

Alicia Jackman said...

Kyson looks so big standing there! And Gavin riding his pony BY HIMSELF!! So big!! :)
Such cute boys!