Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter! I think I took way too many pictures, but seeing Gavin and Kyson get so excited about this holiday, I couldn't help but snap away!

We enjoyed:
CoLoRiNg EgGs (twice!)
oh, and eating them...
Doesn't Gavin look like such a big boy putting the egg in himself? I think this was his favorite part of all our Easter traditions.

EaStEr EgG hUnTs..

Kyson was so cute and would crawl to the egg, pick it up, look at it for a second, and then throw it in the bucket.

Egg hunt at Autumn's

Easter morning-The Easter bunny hid their baskets, and Gavin was so excited to find it and see what he got! He got a couple bubble machines, and the weather has been so bad we haven't been able to go out and use it!

and finally, the most enjoyable thing about Easter is
SpEnDiNg TiMe WiTh FaMiLy
Little Bailey is trying to smile at her cute

Cute William wants to play with Kyson SO BAD!
Happy little William

**A neat little side-note: I have a student whose little brother has been waiting for a new heart for a while. Yesterday I got a phone call from little Braiden telling me that Mason got his new heart! What an exciting Easter for that little family! I love what his mom said:

"The most tears I have shed this day are in gratitude for our donor family. On this Easter morning they had to say goodbye to their sweet child. They donated their child's heart on Easter almost like our Savior sacrificed his life for us. He then resurrected on Easter just like our Mason has been given a new chance at life this day. I will be forever grateful to this family and pray that they will know of the joy they have brought to our family. I pray that on each Easter they will think of the gift of life they have shared with our family!"

It really made me think of how blessed we all are. We have a wonderful Savior who suffered and gave his life for us, so that we may someday live with our families forever. And we have a wonderful Heavenly Father who blesses us everyday.


Kristine said...

So sweet! And thanks for sharing happy news for a kid too! Always good to be reminded how lucky we all are.

Autumn and Doug Smith said...

Wow! that is so neat that little Mason recieved a heart, I love what his mom said it made me cry, of course.

Unknown said...

Made me cry too. I'm a sucker for sweet stories like that. Thanks for sharing!

PS you spence girls all have the cutest kids ever.