Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gavin Jay

hmmm...what to say about Gavin. What not to say about Gavin? This kid is really quite the character.

One thing I love about Gavin is that he puts his whole heart into everything. He doesn't just get a little excited over things, he gets VERY excited over things. Mostly trucks, but he also loves fish and trains and bugs and....I could go on and on.

He has the funniest facial expressions and I love seeing those big brown eyes sparkle.

He does have a fiesty side, and we do try to work on that.

He is going to have to work hard when it comes to learning at school. Things don't come naturally to him (he is just like his mom and dad), so he has to work hard to learn things. I am so impressed that in the last 2 weeks he has learned how to identify an A, make the sound "A" makes and write an A. We are now working on B, and he is doing good with that.

His middle name come from his dad and his Grandpa. What a perfect kid to have his dad and Grandpa's name, because he is just like them. He is the little engineer. He has to see how things work, and he likes to fix, or watch things get fixed. He loves watching machines and see them work.

We love our Gavin Jay and he sure keeps us busy!

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