Monday, July 12, 2010

Strawberry Days

I get excited for Strawberry Days each year. There is always so many fun things to do, and the strawberries and cream are amazing! This year we closed on our house during this week, so we didn't do a few things we usually try to do, but we did enjoy ourselves at:

Huck Finn Days:
My mom and dad bought little fishing poles and nets for the kids to go fishing. Gavin loved playing with his fishing pole and when it was time to go out in the water to try to catch the fish with the nets, he ventured out there pretty far. Autumn was the lucky one this year to catch a fish! Ky just liked hanging out by the water!

This is the fish Autumn caught. Gavin LOVES fish, and really thought this was his to take home. He kept carrying the poor thing around.

Concert in the park:
We enjoyed a fun concert in the park put on by "Northfield" a band that is from my ward I grew up in. I use to babysit these guy's kids. They play fun popular music, so it was really enjoyable.

Baby Contest:
This cute little baby won the baby contest in the "Strawberry Days" category. Miss Bailey is such a sweet and cute baby. I think I'm her favorite Aunt. Every time she sees me, she gives me this big smile. (She probably does that to everyone else, but I'm still going to think it is just me!)


Alicia Jackman said...

What a beautiful picture of Bailey!

Autumn and Doug Smith said...

I love the picture of Bailey, Brynn, You'll have to email it too me.