Thursday, July 08, 2010

We're In!

We've been in our new house for a while now, but just got internet, so sorry it has taken a while to post anything! It is really amazing how everything has worked out. We first looked at this house back in April, and fell in love. It did have A LOT of things to work on, but it had a beautiful kitchen, master bath, nice paint and carpet, we saw that it was worth it to fix it up. It was a short sale, so it was priced a lot lower then what the people actually owed the bank, so it seemed like a perfect house for us...except a couple of problems, they already had one offer on the home, and we hadn't sold our home yet. We put an offer on the house still, and the accepted it, but we were second in line...which was fine, since we hadn't sold our house yet.

A few weeks went by, and we got an offer on our home, so we started looking at homes. We went out one day and I didn't like any of the homes we looked at. When my realtor asked what home I liked the best, I jokingly said "the one we have the second offer on.". She said, "Well, I'll check to see if the first offer is going well, and if not, push to have them accept your offer as the primary offer." Luckily, the first offer wasn't going well, and they accepted our offer as the primary offer.

We thought things were going well with our loan, until a week before we were going to close, we realized our loan officer was being very negligent with our loan, and didn't tell us that it didn't pass the appraisal. With a week left it didn't get us much time to fix the appraisal problem (the mold in the stucco) and so that means we could have easily lost the home. We quickly decided to change lenders and they sent out another appraiser (hoping he would pass the stucco). Well, the stucco passed, but the master bathroom didn't have a counter top, so we had to fix that before the appraisal would pass. It finally passed, and we closed on the house on June 16.

We have been very busy cleaning carpets (they had a big dog that peed everywhere), replaced carpets, painted, cleaned, fixed the stucco, and I feel like we have finally turned this place into a home. There is still a lot to do, but Casey likes having little projects around the house. More pictures to come, once I get my computer set up that has our pictures on it!

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