Sunday, June 10, 2012


 Have you ever seen a 4 month old with a braid in her hair?  This girl has enough hair I pulled it off!  And it stayed in all day!

  Here are her 4 month stats:
-11 lbs 8 oz (5-10 percentile)
-24 inches long (25 percentile)
-She sleeps about 8 hours a night
-Naps great, takes about 3-4 naps a day that last from 1-2 hours
-Loves her dad...she is always trying to find him whenever she hears his voice and then gives him the biggest smile!
-Has giggled only a few times...she is my serious child
-Is starting to play with toys
-Hasn't rolled over yet, but she is trying!

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Ashleigh said...

She is seriously the cutest baby!