Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy 8th Anniversary!

 It was Casey and my 8th wedding anniversary.  Casey surprised me by getting me a DSLR camera and taking me out to Thanksgiving Point to take pictures.  I am still really new at learning the camera, but I had fun playing around with it and was happy with how the pictures turned out! 

 I only got ONE okay picture of the kids together.  Little Kyson was too silly and could not sit still so all their pictures was Gavin holding Adalyn so good and Kyson being a blur.  I finally got him to sit still long enough to get this one.

 This one is soooo Kyson...silly as can be!

 Happy Father's Day to Casey.  He is such a great dad to his boys and little girl.  Adalyn always tries to find his voice whenever she hears him.  Gavin wrote him a letter that says he likes to play computers with Dad.  He loves to sit next to Casey while he is at his computer and he sets up his own "computer" and pretends to play.  Kyson is sure to always find Casey to show him his latest "wakey bug" he has found.  And Casey is always good at stopping whatever he is doing to give them attention.  Whenever he is working on something, he is always so willing to let the boys be by his side to help him, even if it means it will take 10 times longer to do it, Casey doesn't mind.
 Our anniversary was Sunday and it was great to spend it all day together.  We have had a great 8 years together and I can't wait for many many more.

We thought we would spend our anniversary relaxed at home watching a movie, but this little girl spoiled those plans.  She woke up from her nap very fussy and I couldn't get her to calm down.  Finally we decided to take her to the Insta Care and found out the poor thing had an ear infection. This is her second one with in 6 weeks!  Luckily we have family who own a pharmacy and were able to get her the medicine she needed, and she was back to her happy self.

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