Monday, August 27, 2012

My little soccer player!

 Gavin had his first soccer game on Saturday and he LOVED it.  I loved watching his cute face as he was running on the field.  The whole time he had a huge smile on it.  He kept telling us later that day, "I love soccer Mom.  I had so much fun!"  He gets right out there and tries to get the ball.  You can tell he's new at the game, but with a little practice I think he'll be a pretty good soccer player!  Hopefully he has some of his dad in him in that way!

 He pretty much drowns in his clothes...

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Ashleigh said...

That's too cute! Brady wears the same colors! But he's not as enthusiastic as Gavin! He stays away from the ball and is quite shy which is so weird! haha. Gotta love soccer this age!