Monday, August 06, 2012

Wolf Creek

 We went up Ogden Canyon this last week and stayed at Wolf Creek.  We had a great time and it was great to get away for a little bit before school begins.  We started off the week with my parents.  We went in to Ogden and visited the Children's Museum.  The kids had fun wherever they went!

 Cute little Adalyn just sat in her stroller so good
 At the condo the kids just loved spending time with their cousins
 Playing Little Big Planet
 Miss Avery learned how to crawl on this trip
 On Wednesday Casey and Doug came up to finish the week with us.  It was so nice to have the husbands with us!  We did the same things every day...

Wake up, eat breakfast, go swimming at the big pool...

Then hang out at the hot tub...

 Then we would go back, eat lunch, take naps or watch the Olympics and then head back for more swimming and hot tubing...

I loved ending the nights by putting the kids to bed and hanging out watching the Olympics.

Thanks mom and dad for letting us kick you out of your room, your TV and being around our crazy loud kids.  We had a great time!

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