Monday, December 10, 2007

Standing boy!

Every time Gavin wakes up from his nap, this is what I see. It was a sad day when he found out he can pull himself up to stand. We hadn't lowered the crib yet, and he figured out he could stand up, so one day after his nap, he pulled himself up and toppled out. Poor baby! That is quite the fall! He seemed fine, just wanted to be held. Get me out!


McKenna Gordon said...

Well we here at the Gordon household are STILL not crawling, not rolling from belly to back (but can go from back to belly) not pulling self up to standing OR a sitting position. But don't worry because we ARE throwing things out of the high chair and then crying for them, only to instantly throw them down again to see our reaction.

McKenna Gordon said...

I guess what I'm trying to say by that last comment is, in place of fun new developments, we get frustrating games!!!

Losee's said...

haha...very true!